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Promises...They are as abundant among Truck Dealers as the Trucks decorating their inventories. But like so many Trucks in this industry, these promises are often abused, worn-out and rarely stand up under closer inspection. That is the unfortunate reality of Truck Buying today. What gets lost in the haze of dishonesty is a customer's ability to find the right truck for their needs at the right price.

Diesel Max Trucks and the Ganley Auto Group has spent more than 40 years strengthening the bond between the dealer and the customer and we have done it not with promises but a process. This process starts with finding the right truck, and understanding that right means more than just the price. Each of our Trucks is an individual, it has its own identity, an identity that we want you to be proud to own when it arrives at your home. Our only focus day in and day out at Diesel Max Trucks is to help assist our customers in the selection of their next truck or auto with simple straight talk. No fancy sales pitch, No high pressure tactics and No undelivered Promises...Let us show you the Diesel Max Difference!!

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